Crown & bridge

Key points

IPS e.max pressed or milled
Precious metal 45% and 60% available
Titanium cast or milled
Our non-precious alloys are beryllium and nickel free.

Lithium Disilicate

We use IPS e.max pressed ingots for our lithium disilicate metal-free restorations. This guarantees a flexural strength of 400 MPa and aesthetic results every time within the full range of opacity and translucency.


For metal-free restorations which need a stronger framework in posterior and anterior regions we use zirconia at flexural strength of 1100 MPa. We use the Sirona inEos Blue 3D scanner which ensures an accurate fit and design every time.

Types of alloys

We can supply any alloys on request. The alloys of our choice are 45% Au bonding alloy and 60% yellow Au for gold crowns, telescopic copings and post & cores.

IPS e.Max Press Product Info


  • Crowns and partial crowns
  • Veneers and thin veneers
  • Press-over electroplated single crowns
  • Primary telescope crowns
  • Single restoration implant superstructures
  • 3-unit bridge implant superstructures up to 2nd premolar
  • 3-unit bridge up to 2nd premolar as abutment tooth
  • 3-unit bridge anterior

  • Cantilever and Maryland bridges
  • Inlay-retained bridges
  • Molar bridges with 1st molar as a pontic
  • 4- and multi-unit bridges
  • Very deep subgingival preparations
  • Patients with severely reduced residual dentitions
  • Bruxism

IPS e.max Press is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot and is available in varying degrees of opacity and translucency. They have a flexural strength of 400 MPa giving them high strength for pressed ceramic ingots. They provide accurately fitting restorations and along with the IPS e.max Ceram Shade, Essence and Glaze materials a high quality aesthetic characterization can be achieved.

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